Give Families the only NFDA-Endorsed Financing Option

  • Zero fees to your business. Earn 1% on every funded loan.*
  • Give at-need families a payment plan option that has no recourse to your business in case of payment default.
  • Easy-to-use financing portal with one-on-one dedicated support and training.

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Merchant Testimonial: Christian-Sells Funeral Home has been a LendingUSA merchant since 2016. Learn how Chris Christian partners with LendingUSA to help more at-need families pay for funeral expenses when other methods of payment aren’t readily available.

I would highly recommend LendingUSA to other funeral homes.

That is the tool that gets you to the next level in arranging those services without any stress, without any worry on the funeral home or the family.

Why Do Funeral Homes Offer LendingUSA as a Financing Option?

Grow Your Business

With more ways to pay, your families can get the funeral services they want with low monthly payments, allowing you to grow your business and offer the best services possible for families and their loved one.

Get Paid Faster

Receive your payment upfront with direct funding to your business within a few days— we assume the risk of default.

Pre-Approvals in Seconds

With a 24/7 online interface, your clients can apply online anytime and receive a pre-approval decision within seconds.

How it works

1. Enroll

There’s no cost to get started. Sign up today and unlock the power of financing.

2. Finance

Offer the option to apply for financing to every family who walks in — the process takes just minutes, you never know who’s going to want the convenience of a payment plan.

3. Grow

We pay you quickly and directly, and your funeral home reaps the benefits of the potential for increased sales and better relationships with families.

Endorsed by the NFDA & 11 State Associations

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