12 Festive Dental Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

December Dental Marketing Ideas

December is fast approaching, and small businesses everywhere are scrambling to put holiday marketing plans in place. It’s the perfect time of year to get back on the radar screen with existing patients, and to make your practice known to potential new patients.

You and your staff may already have plans in place for how you want to celebrate the season and grow your business. But, if the demands of running your dental business have you feeling sidetracked, don’t worry. It’s not too late to get into holiday marketing mode, as long as you act quickly.

We’ve got a holiday loot bag full of festive ideas that will help promote your dental business, and spread some good cheer at the same time. Put on your elf hat and breeze through these December marketing ideas to see which are a good fit for your practice:

#1 – If you haven’t already done so, remind patients that the end of the calendar year is their last opportunity to take advantage of out-of-pocket deductibles that have already been met. They should also take advantage of any unused amounts toward their annual maximum dental benefits. With as busy as this time of year is, patients appreciate a reminder them to get in to for cleanings, x-rays and any other services they can book before year-end.

#2 – Offer a free whitening kit or future cleaning to patients who get current on their checkups, xrays and cleanings before the new year. Who wouldn’t want to flash a white smile, especially for all those holiday selfie and photo ops?

#3 – Consider a few days of expanded holiday hours, because you know how busy your patients are at this time of year. You’ll want to make it easier for them to get in for the appointments you are encouraging them to make by year-end.

#4 – Promote end of day appointments and early evening appoints to coincide with a few evening social hours offering appetizers and hot cider, spiced rum, egg nog or other festive beverages. Want to increase attendance? Hold a drawing for a popular service or other holiday gift, maybe a Waterpik.

#5 – Hold a drawing or two for a free facial, massage or other relaxation experience for those who book appointments for the next 90 days.

#6 – Sponsor a family or two for holiday meals and gift-giving. Place a giving tree such as a Salvation Army Angel Tree in your office for staff and patients to choose tags from, and gather the gift donations. You can also offer to match monetary donations, or make a donation on behalf of anyone who refers a new patient resulting in an appointment by February 1st.

#7 – Invite patients to an offsite happy hour or office holiday party where they can share a holiday toast, and get to know you and your staff.

#8 – Send holiday messages of gratitude and cheer to your patients via email. An online card service like Paperless Post is a nice touch.

#9 – Deliver holiday gifts with an introduction note and business cards to local real estate offices, asking for new-to-town referrals. Include a discount or free visit offer to any realtor who refers a new patient. Consider gifts like a holiday floral arrangement, healthy snack tray (holiday cookies or candy don’t make sense, right?), basket of aromatherapy oils, lip balms, small lotions, or even a set of $5 coffee shop gift cards.

#10 – Have fun and get creative by partnering with a local vet’s office that’s interested in drumming up some new business. Host a day for pet and owner dental checkups. Tell your patients, “come in for a checkup and cleaning for yourself, and bring your dog or cat for a free pet dental check.”

#11 – Help your patients look their best for the holidays. Team up with local spas, estheticians, hair and nail salons to cross-promote each other’s businesses. Offer a discount on a service like teeth whitening for patients they send your way, and likewise encourage them to market a service with discount for the holidays in your office.

#12 – Communicate, communicate. Share the events, discounts, drawings, etc. via social media, your website, email and office signage to spread the holiday cheer and keep patients informed.

Don’t let the prospect of a little extra work for you and your staff put you off. The holidays are the perfect time to show appreciation to existing patients, introduce new services, and say hello to new patients. The time, effort and cost you invest in holiday promotions now, will pay dividends throughout the year.

You can do good, have fun, get to know patients and increase your business.  Holiday marketing for your dental practice is a win no matter how you look at it!

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