Attracting Pet Owners to Your Veterinary Practice

Marketing is a crucial element of any business, but with the hectic nature of a veterinary practice, it can be hard to focus on. If you’ve got a great veterinary practice that needs a boost, here are some steps you can take to bring in new pet owners and keep your practice going.

Partner with Local Rescue Organizations

Partnering with a local rescue organization is a great way to encourage business while helping local animals in need. Advertise for the organization, and encourage them to promote your services. You may even want to offer a discount on veterinary services for animals adopted from these organizations.

Rescue animals often need a lot of veterinary services, so having an affordable vet on hand can help get those animals adopted — and help you at the same time!

Be Active on Social Media

The internet runs on pictures of cute animals, which is something you likely have in abundance. Set up Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and start posting! Content can range Post pictures of happy patients after successful procedures (with their owners’ consent, of course), pictures of your staff’s pets , and informative articles and news about your practice. This type of content is eminently sharable, which can attract countless new pet owners to your practice.

Plan Events

Many pet owners enjoy socializing with other pet owners. Sponsoring fun events, like holiday pet parties, can not only increase the connection your current patients have with your practice, but can also get new potential customers excited about putting their pet into your care.


As a busy veterinarian, it may be hard to find time to volunteer, but going out into the community and doing a little animal volunteer work can pay huge dividends. It lets the community know about your commitment to your practice and can help spread the word about your services. Even if you can’t go out into the community, offering a day where people can bring their pets in for a free service, like a dental cleaning, can get lots of people in the door, where you can convert them into long-term customers.

Offer Attractive Payment Plan Options

Paying for veterinary services is a challenging issue for many pet owners.  With LendingUSA’s financing solutions, your clients can apply for a loan to help cover their veterinary bills right there at the front desk and find out fast if they qualify and what their rate will be. This means tremendous peace of mind for your pet owners and quicker payments for you.

You can also expect that when the word gets out that pet owners can find financing for their pets’ needs right in your office, more of them will bring their pets to you when they need help. To learn more, click here for a free demo of how LendingUSA works.

Learn more about patient financing for your veterinary practice.

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