LendingUSA Partners With Funeralwise to Offer More Payment Options for Families

LendingUSA has partnered with Funeralwise.com, a platform dedicated to sharing resources with families about funeral planning. In addition to having access to a variety of resources, families will have a better understanding of the payment options available to them in planning a funeral.

Funeralwise provides guidance for families looking for resources online ahead of planning funeral services. This includes everything from how to arrange a funeral to etiquette and other insightful topics. With this partnership, families now have even more information about funeral costs and the payment options available to them.

funeralwise“Funeral cost is emerging as the major consideration for people who are making funeral arrangements today,” says Richard Paskin, Managing Partner, Funeralwise. “Our guides and planning tools help them understand and manage their funeral costs, but many families still struggle to find the funds to cover those expenses. LendingUSA is an excellent solution to the issue these families face and we are very happy we can now offer LendingUSA as a payment option to our community at Funeralwise.”

“During what can be a difficult planning process, families can focus on what really matters when they have full access to resources that can help them make planning decisions,” says Johannes Haze, Chief Marketing Officer, LendingUSA. “We’re proud to not only provide low monthly payment options but, through this partnership, we can help guide families early in the process to find the service providers that will work best for them.” Additionally, when families know about their financing options up front, they can plan the services they really want for their loved ones.

LendingUSA’s program is now available for Funeralwise members and it is free to enroll with LendingUSA. For funeral directors, this is a unique opportunity to not only become more visible to families looking for a reputable funeral home but also to stay competitive by offering families flexible payment options and giving them greater buying power for funeral services.

To learn more about offering funeral financing, visit LendingUSA.com to schedule a demo or call 1-800-994-6177.

To learn more about funeral payment options, check out our funeral financing and service loans.

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