3 Modern Marketing Strategies for Your Funeral Home

The funeral business is increasingly competitive. There may be any number of funeral homes in an area, and only a limited number of families that require their services. This makes an active, effective marketing strategy a crucial part of keeping your funeral home running smoothly. While traditional methods of marketing, like print and radio advertisements, may still be effective, there are several modern tactics you can adopt to further grow your customer base and increase monthly revenue.

Be Active On Social Media

Social media marketing is crucial to creating a successful business. While you must be careful to maintain a respectful tone that doesn’t offend your potential clients’ sensibilities, it is possible to maintain an active Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube channel that promotes your services in an appealing way.

For example, you can post obituaries and heartfelt sympathies online (with the family’s permission), and allow visitors to share their thoughts and prayers. You can also use your social media channels to let people know about the services you offer, and to educate and inform them about your profession.

Introduce Modern Funeral Service Options

In addition to the traditional services you may offer, you can take advantage of modern technology to offer new ones. These may include a webpage commemorating the deceased that friends, family and well-wishers can visit and post on, or a brief video about the loved one who has passed on that you can show at the service.

For inspiration, you may want to visit the websites of other funeral service providers, or even providers of other services, like weddings, to get some ideas for new and unique services.

Offer Point-of-Need Funeral Financing

One emerging feature many funeral homes are offering is convenient in-house financing to help the families they serve. Financial issues can be an extremely stressful part of the funeral process, as the deceased may have been a primary source of income. In addition, planning for a funeral is often an unexpected event, and the added expense can be a difficult burden.

Many financing systems, like LendingUSA funeral home financing, provide near-instant decisions right at the point-of-sale, so families will know right away if they will have the money they need. This can bring great relief to worried families, while helping you provide more services at the same time.

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