Recession-Proofing Your Dog Training Business

Dog Training Business Plan

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused difficulties for most of us, but many small business owners are feeling the economic effects more acutely. Families struggling with reduced income may start to re-evaluate their spending habits, and non-essential expenses—such as obedience school—are often among the first to go. While there are no guarantees in business, there are some easy ways you can help your brand stand out from the pack and survive an economic downturn.

As a third-party financing platform for dog training businesses, the team at LendingUSA can help dog training business owners not only survive pandemic-related economic recession but thrive in this complex economic environment. After partnering with many dog training business owners, here are our favorite tips for recession-proofing your dog training business:

  • Get certified: There are a number of professional certifications that can help you hone your skills or narrow your expertise to a specific facet of dog training. You can focus your niche on specific types of training, by breed and age, or special behavioral issues that dogs need to work on. By obtaining a professional certification, you can make yourself—and your business—more valuable to clients. Certification helps to build your reputation locally and differentiates you from beginner dog trainers. Eventually, once you’ve established your obedience school business as a trusted brand, you can command higher rates.
  • Offer options: When economic trouble strikes, your clients may no longer be able to offer you complete, up-front payments. Discounting your services is not always an option once you consider your own expenses and the time you invest in your business. But you’ve got options besides discounting your services. By offering third-party financing, such as through LendingUSA, you can keep your services within reach of your clients without drastically affecting your bottom line. By offering financing options, you can also bring in more clients who may not be able to offer up-front payments, regardless of the economy.
  • Make a plan: While an economic recession may be out of your control, its impact on your business can be minimized with proper planning. Creating a plan before a recession hits keeps you calm and collected and your revenue intact. Take a thorough look at your numbers and determine where you’ll be able to make cuts, as well as the expenses that are absolutely non-negotiable. If you have one, contact your accountant and go through your expenses – be sure to ask about possible economic benefits due to the pandemic that you or your business may qualify for.

Our dog training financing options will help you maintain your revenue and boost your business’ reputation. Grow your dog training business by offering payment options with your clients in mind.



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