Wedding Budget 101: How to Save on Your Big Day

Your wedding is one of the most exciting and important days of your life. You want to create memories that will last forever, and make sure that your guests have a wonderful time. From invitations, to flowers and reception halls to photographers, there’s a huge list of details to handle.

But planning for your wedding can be a daunting task — and so can paying for it. If you’ve started planning your wedding, you’ve probably noticed how quickly costs can rise. Even the most organized couples can run into surprise costs and last minute expenses. It’s no wonder the average cost of a wedding is over $30,000!

To help manage your wedding costs, here are a few tips and ideas to keep costs low on your big day.

Keep the Guest List Trim

Sometimes we’re inclined to keep adding to our list so we don’t leave anyone out. This can lead to a list so big that it becomes unmanageable – and expensive. Save money by only inviting the people you absolutely can’t do without. You can always throw a separate party for colleagues or have a large family gathering later.

DIY Where Possible

Making some of the decorations and displays for your wedding by hand can be fun, cost effective, and add a real personal touch. Instead of store-bought gifts and favors, why not create handmade tokens that people will cherish? You can also make your own invitations and thank you cards.

Choose Your Day Carefully

Venues fill up quickly, so book your location well ahead of time. If you can have your wedding on a Sunday or weekday instead of a Saturday, you usually have more options and can get a better price. If you have guests travelling from far away, they can also benefit from lower rates on hotels and travel.

Go Easy on the Food (and Drink)

Obviously, you shouldn’t leave your guests hungry, but much of the food at a wedding often goes to waste. Save money by hiring a catering service that offers simple, affordable food that you can keep for a brunch the next day. To spend less on drinks, you could always offer complimentary wine with dinner, and provide a pay bar for those that want drinks after.

Recycle a Dress

The dress can be one of the largest single expenses for a wedding. You can find a more affordable option by looking online or in reputable second-hand stores that specialize in used wedding dresses. You can also ask family or friends – they may be more than happy to have a dress they can share with you.

Apply for Financing

Even if you manage every expense as carefully as possible, it still may be difficult to pay for your wedding all at once. This is where financing from LendingUSA can come in handy. Our lending solutions give you the flexibility to secure a loan quickly, and with competitive rates, without having to worry about coming up with the cash before your wedding.

You have enough to think about as you prepare for your wedding, so check your ratetoday and let LendingUSA help you enjoy your big day!

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