How to Help Your Clients Manage Their Debt

As a business owner, one of your top priorities is to provide your customers with exceptional services or products. However, you can go beyond providing outstanding products and services by offering your clients fixed loans through LendingUSA.

Loans through LendingUSA empower customers to make time-sensitive purchases without placing themselves in a financially compromising situation.

Borrowers can use loans through LendingUSA to finance critical purchases like pet medical bills, sporting goods, cosmetic procedures, and costly products that they need immediately.

Offering loans through LendingUSA will not only nurture loyalty toward your brand but can also help your customers manage their debt since their payments will be fixed; also, with LendingUSA’s Freshstart Lending program, they can get a loan specifically for paying off debt.

What Products Does LendingUSA Offer?

LendingUSA offers transparent loan products, which include upfront terms, clear repayment conditions, and no early payoff penalties. Select customers may also qualify for a no-interest loan through LendingUSA if they repay within the promotional period*. This benefit can help your clients save money by minimizing the financing cost of their purchase.

As a merchant, you can partner with LendingUSA to offer our loans to your customers at the time of purchase. We work with merchants and retailers in a variety of industries, including:

  • Funeral
  • Chiropractic
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Sporting goods
  • Pet sales

Our partners and their customers appreciate our streamlined application process, user-friendly platform, and favorable lending terms.

Loans that can be completed on-site help customers finance important, time-sensitive purchases.

The Shortfalls of Credit Cards

For years, merchants across different industries have offered point-of-sale financing via credit cards. While this financial product allows customers to cover important purchases, credit cards have several significant drawbacks.

Perhaps the biggest shortcoming of credit cards is the interest rate, whether fixed or wildly variable. Even customers with good credit may be offered interest rates so high that they drastically increase the total cost of financing of their purchase.

Additionally, credit card bills fluctuate based on the total balance on the account. This makes it challenging for your customers to fit a new expense into their monthly budgets. LendingUSA rates are fixed, unlike many credit cards, so your customers will know exactly what their monthly payment will be.

Another issue with credit cards is that qualifying for these products can be challenging. As a result, customers with less-than-ideal credit might need more funding to cover essential purchases.

Credit cards also create the unnecessary temptation to take on additional debt. This may lead some customers to maintain a high balance on their credit cards, creating a debt cycle they can’t break.

How Loans through LendingUSA Can Help Your Clients

Loans through LendingUSA have several unique traits that make them excellent tools for helping customers. By offering your clients access to loans through LendingUSA, you will enable them to:

Access Favorable Rates

LendingUSA loans offer your customers favorable loan terms. Select loans through LendingUSA have a no interest promotionas long asyour customers repay their loan within the promotional period*.

Those who can take advantage of the no interest promotion can avoid paying interest for essential services or products while simultaneously spreading out the expense of their purchase to decrease their initial out-of-pocket obligation.

Even if a client is not able to take advantage of the no interest promotion, loans through LendingUSA can still help them manage their debt. Our loan rates are competitive. This means you can help your customers pay less interest over the course of their agreement.

Instead of turning to credit cards or emptying their savings to cover time-sensitive, costly expenses, your customers can get the funds they need on their terms.

Avoid Early Repayment Penalties

Personal loan agreements often include hidden costs like early repayment penalties. Unfortunately, financial products with prepayment penalties will undermine yourclients’ ability to get out of debt.

Incurring even a few interest or prepayment penalties can set your clients back, especially those who are working to pay off other outstanding loan balances.

The good news is that loans through LendingUSA never include prepayment penalties. We don’t like interest rate penalties either, which is why we got rid of those as well.

At LendingUSA, it’s all about your customers and their needs.

Fund Important Purchases

When life throws an unexpected expense at your clients, the entire experience can be stressful and frustrating. This is especially true if your client is forced to choose between meeting their financial goals or covering a necessary purchase.

When your business begins offering loans through LendingUSA, you can alleviate this purchasing pain point for your customers. You can give them the ability to cover essential expenses without sacrificing their long-term financial future.

Your clients will be grateful that you were there for them in their time of need. They will be even happier that you provided a solution that helps them get out of debt by keeping their loan payments fixed and affordable.

Obtain a Loan with Fixed Monthly Payments

When applying for loans from LendingUSA, your customers can select repayment terms that work for them. LendingUSA has several repayment terms available.

The exact term length available to your individual clients will vary based loan purpose, on unique application and credit factors, and the total loan amount. However, our flexibility enables your customers to keep their payments manageable so they can continue the road toward managing their debt.

The best part is that our monthly payments will be fixed. From the first installment to the last, our monthly payment amount doesn’t change. This stability will help your customers work their LendingUSA loan payments into their monthly budgets without taking on undue financial strain.

If you know a customer that wants a loan specifically to get out of debt, put them in contact with LendingUSA’s Freshstart Lending program.

Are you ready to help your customers get a loan that will help them manage their debt? Do you want to work with a leading lending partner who understands your industry’s needs and its customer base?

If so, it’s time to connect with LendingUSA. Schedule a free demo to learn what LendingUSA can do for your company.

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