4 Local Marketing Tactics for Dental Practices

Who doesn’t like to do business with someone they know and trust? That’s the essence of why being deeply invested in your local community can help your practice grow.

Building that trust factor is the foundation of any marketing approach. These days, that starts with your online presence. But there are several offline tactics you can use that will help you do good in your local area as well as build your brand.

Think off-the-grid

Improve your local flavor with a few tried and true local marketing ideas. These can be as simple as leaving business cards around town or putting up yard signs, but help you redefine your local influence.

Local health fairs

Research your local media’s upcoming calendar of events for health fairs, health expos, and other wellness-centered events, and contact the event coordinator about setting up a booth or table.

Brainstorm some value-enhancing giveaways with your team. For example, you can provide free oral hygiene products or offer a free or discounted promotion. And create a rotation schedule to ensure that one or two team members are always present at the table for the duration of the event.

Mouth guard fittings

Offer to custom-fit the mouth guards for a local high school football, soccer, lacrosse, or other sports team. Reach out to local distributors or sporting goods stores and see if any would be willing to supply a discounted or donated supply of mouth guards. This is a great way to build connections with schools and families in your area as well as local businesses.

Free community dental day

Promote a free dental care day via local and social media. Provide basic examinations, cleanings, extractions, and fillings for at-need residents of your local area. This improves community health, and it’s great word-of-mouth for your practice!

Feature your expertise in print and on-air

Offer your expertise to magazines and newspapers in your local community by offering to write articles and act as a source for stories. Reach out to local radio and television news affiliates and pitch yourself as the go-to “dental expert.” It’s free advertising that has the potential to keep paying dividends.

Keep brainstorming ideas

Stimulate your team to keep an open mind about locally-focused marketing strategies and tactics. Treat them to a quarterly lunch and have whiteboard idea sessions on how you can reach out to your local community. You’ll never run out of ideas, and the boost of creativity will improve your service to the community.

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