What You Need to Know for Successful Content Marketing in 2018

Looking to put renewed focus into content marketing for your practice in 2018? It’s not too early to start planning next year’s marketing strategy for your chiropractic business.

Give yourself time now to read up on chiropractic and small business marketing trends. Brainstorm, make notes and talk over your ideas with a trusted colleague, advisor or friend. “Thinking out loud” with someone whose input you value, will help you come up with a well laid out and successful approach to growing your practice.

To help get your ideation and planning off to a great start, we’ve got three simple pieces of advice for you. Two of them are explained in further detail in this helpful Business 2 Community blog on content marketing trends for small businesses.

Use the points below to come up with an effective content marketing plan that’s sure to gain new patients and increase your revenue:

1. Stick with what’s working.

Start by evaluating what’s worked well over the last 12-18 months, and keep it up. Don’t fix what’s not broken.

Check out this list of 9 Free Analytic Tools to Measure Your Content Marketing Effectiveness from the Content Marketing Institute.

2. Get personal.

Customize your marketing to your audience. You know your patients and their pain points. Think about the questions and concerns they bring up with you on a regular basis, and use these to drive the content you create.

As the saying goes, “meet them where they are.” Find out which social media channels your patients most use and connect with them there. Not sure how to determine where your patients hang out on social media? Ask them. Add a question or two about social media use on your patient forms and/or add the question(s) to your patient check-in form. Also see these blogs from ThriveHive and SocialMediaExaminer.

3. Make it visual.

While written original and curated content should continue to be a significant portion of the content you distribute, adding a healthy dose of visual into the mix will give your content the boost it needs in 2018. According to the earlier mentioned B2C blog,

Video is the fastest growing, in demand type of content marketing of 2018. Small businesses need to heed this trend and learn how to adapt it to target markets.”

Visual marketing doesn’t have to be complex or costly. Think about using Facebook live streaming to introduce a new staff member, your newly remodeled or relocated office, or to explain a new or popular product or treatment. If you’re not comfortable going live, then record a few short videos instead and put them on YouTube. Create a YouTube channel, and be sure you add it to your website to up your SEO and drive traffic.

A blog from The Healthy Practice has some good video marketing tips for you, and another of their blogs has more tips on creating visual content for your practice.

We’ll leave you with this.

Remember, a plan is supposed to give you direction and help you stay on course — without it you’ll find there are too many scenic paths that can distract and lead you astray. That being said though, your strategy isn’t meant to be written in stone.

The trick is to remain open and curious. Be responsive to new ideas and information, but not reactionary. Before changing any of the elements of what’s been laid out in your practice’s marketing plan, measure and review results (remember those 9 Free Analytic Tools we mentioned earlier?).

Think, “confirm or deny” when it comes to evaluating your marketing tactics. Just be sure to give whatever you’re measuring enough time to be valid. That cycle, chiropractic friends, will take you through to the end of next year when you’ll again be thinking about our first piece of advice — stick with what’s working.

And, one last thing — when considering what to implement in order to grow your business in 2018, think about adding LendingUSA’s chiropractic point-of-sale financing. Your patients will be happy to have a smart and easy payment option to help with out-of-pocket expenses…and you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner. Click here to learn more.

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