Summer: The Perfect Time for Chiropractors to Grow Their Practice

How to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice

Are you looking for ways to attract more patients to your practice? Perhaps you’ve had some luck with an email campaign or referral program, but it’s time to come up with a few fresh ideas? Well, we’re here to tell you that now is the perfect time to connect with potential new patients.

Here’s the WHY:

Summer brings out the best in people when it comes to fitness and sports. Maybe it’s because longer days mean more time to enjoy a favorite sport or try a new outdoor activity. Or, it might be about the sunshine, and wanting to feel better and look better. Probably it’s a little of both. Whatever the reason, summer makes it easy to find like-minded people who are interested in fitness and holistic health, and are open to learning about ways to stay healthy.

To grow your chiropractic business this summer, read on.

The HOW:

First, if you don’t already have shirts with your logo on them, consider checking out a custom shirt website like or where you can have something made up for you and your team. Whether you’re making visits on your own, or working in a small group, it’ll lend enthusiasm and make you identifiable as you work your magic to drum up interest in your practice.

Then, while proudly wearing your practice’s logo, you and your staff can try out some of the below tips. Use them as idea starters to come up with your own tactics, ones that best suit your time, budget and interest level.

Tip #1: Find out which companies have offices located in your vicinity. Come up with a targeted list of the ones you think may be receptive to what you have to offer. For example, you could pitch regularly scheduled onsite services, or an employee discount program for those who come into your office. Offer to hold a few drawings for a free evaluation and set of adjustments, and/or set up up a chair massage at their company picnic. The employees will love it, and you’ll get some good exposure and leads.

To find the companies that are most inclined to consider what you propose, do your homework. Research which of them are startups, which have been included on a “Best Place to Work” list and which ones are generally known for focusing on employee wellness. All of these categories can translate into opportunity for you to offer services to them.

Startups are often looking for unique perks to attract talent to a young company. They may be interested in how to enhance their employees’ office experience and alleviate the stressful hours that lean startup teams must work. More established companies with wellness initiatives are typically interested in ways to retain talent. Some forward-thinking companies also seek ways to maximize employee productivity by minimizing illness and injury in a holistic way.

Tip #2: Approach local swim and tennis centers, golf clubs and fitness centers for possible partnership opportunities. You can open a dialog on a variety of ways to expose potential new patients to your practice and services, while helping the center offer enhanced services to their members. As with Tip #1, onsite services and discount options can be attractive. You can also propose cross-marketing and referrals between your practice and the club. The quest for new business is a pain point all management and business owners share, so you’re likely to find that they are receptive to your ideas.

What golfer, tennis player or swimmer doesn’t know the occasional (or not so occasional) discomfort of twisting and torqueing their body the wrong way while doing what they love?

Tip #3: Seek out running clubs, runners’ stores and hiking meetup groups in your area. Offer introductory foot scans or evaluations at their events and gatherings. Do the same with biking clubs. You can also look into sponsorship or display opportunities at the next local 5k or 10k race. Set up a table and hold a drawing for several free massages, a free evaluation, etc.

And, the WRAP UP:

No matter which of these tips you and your staff try, it’s really just about taking advantage of the focus that summertime brings to physical fitness and overall wellbeing. People’s desire to feel good, along with some face-to-face education and marketing can prove to be a winning combination for gaining new patients.

After you’ve tried out these summertime marketing tips, read up on more creative market suggestions for your chiropractic practice on this list of the Top 65 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas from Inception, a chiropractic website provider.

Here’s one last tip: To enhance the service you already provide, consider offering an additional payment option — one that allows patients to finance treatment packages and the services they want.  LendingUSA can help save your patients the worry of how they’ll pay for what insurance doesn’t cover. To see how convenient and easy the process is for both you and your patients, click here to schedule a demo or take a look at our financing for chiropractic patients.

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