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Did you know that many dog training businesses are leaving money on the table by not financing their packages?

Grow your business faster with our simple point-of-sale dog training financing solution. Offering financing for dog training packages is not only a great way to grow your business, but also helps more of your clients get the dog training services they need.

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Why LendingUSA for
Dog Training Financing?

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

With more ways to pay, your clients can afford the training packages they, allowing you to grow your business while offering the best services for your clients and their pets.

Get Paid Faster

Get Paid Faster

Receive your payment upfront and faster with direct funding to your business within a few days—we assume the risk of default.

Pre-Approvals in Seconds

Pre-Approvals in Seconds

With a 24/7 online interface, your clients can apply online anytime and receive a pre-approval decision within seconds.

How LendingUSA Works

How LendingUSA Works


There's no cost to get started. Sign up today and get access to your online financing portal, along with one-on-one onboarding and training with your dedicated account manager.



With LendingUSA, you have the power to offer financing to any of your clients with a process that takes only a few minutes.



Because we fund your business directly in a matter of days, you can turn your attention toward attracting new customers that may have not been willing or able to pay for services without a financing option.


Dog Training Financing: Offer Payment Plans To Clients

Dog training financing, also referred to as clicker training financing, can allow paw-rents to make affordable monthly payments rather than paying upfront for training. Purchasing or adopting a new dog can come with an overwhelming amount of expenses. If you own a dog training business and want to offer financing to your clients, you should keep reading.


Why would you need financing for your dog training business?

Dog training businesses that offer financing may find increased revenues and better overall client satisfaction without increasing expenses. For those reasons and more, offering financing for dog training can be beneficial for business owners and their clients. Most owners want to ensure that their dog is responsive and obedient, but they may not have extra cash for training. After all, if they just adopted the dog, invested in supplies, and paid vet bills, training may become an afterthought. Offering financing for clients can take away the financial objection, thus allowing you to earn more business. Employees may be happier as well because they will be able to help more people and gain satisfaction from turning more “no thank you” responses into enthusiastic yeses. Companies that offer dog training financing can experience an increase in client referrals. Clients are likely to brag to their friends not only about your top-notch training techniques, but your affordable financing options. Since offering dog training financing requires minimal risk for the business owner and no investment, it’s even more attractive. With a little bit of setup, training, and marketing, your business is ready to offer financing. So how do you offer dog training financing for clients? Keep reading to find out!

What are the best options for dog training financing?

Dog training financing allows dog owners to train their dogs now and pay later. One of the best ways to pay for dog training is to find a dog training company that offers financing. Working with a dog training company that offers financing offers convenience and may offer great rates too. Paw-rents can receive accurate dog training estimates and apply for financing all in one place. Knowing that they will not be required to pay the bill up front may encourage clients to select more extensive and expensive training packages. This means more revenue for the dog training company and a better trained dog for the family – a win-win situation! Companies such as LendingUSA can make offering dog training financing simple. You may be able to offer clients lower interest rates and higher loan amounts than their credit cards do. Explaining the benefits of dog training financing may also help build rapport between your company and clients.

How do you qualify for client financing for dog training?

Qualifying clients for dog training financing can be done within a few minutes. Employees do not need to be trained financial experts and they should offer your financing option to all of your customers as you never know who may be interested in financing your services. Dog training companies that partner with LendingUSA can assist consumers across a wide range of credit scores with financing. Clients can submit one simple application through the LendingUSA portal and may receive multiple loan offers within seconds if they’re pre-approved. Applicants with better credit may receive more offers than applicants with credit challenges. If a client qualifies for more than one offer, they have the freedom to choose the offer that works best for their budget. LendingUSA partners with petloans.com in order to offer specialized financing for pet owners.

Why choose LendingUSA for dog training payment plans for clients?

More than 10,000 merchants have partnered with LendingUSA, a top-rated company that can facilitate dog training payment plans or financing for clients. As a business owner, you probably want to provide your client with the best possible experience. LendingUSA can help you do this. In addition to offering competitive financing options for good and bad credit clients, LendingUSA is committed to delivering a smooth and hassle-free experience. Here are just a few reasons why dog training companies should choose LendingUSA:

1. Lower merchant fees
LendingUSA does not charge any fees for sign-up or membership. This allows businesses to offer the best financing options for clients at no additional cost.

2. Promotional financing for clients
LendingUSA can offer promotional financing for clients at no extra cost to the merchant. Clients can take advantage of promotional offers such as six months of 0% interest if the balance is paid in full.

3. Instant pre-approvals
LendingUSA provides merchants with advanced technology systems that allow them to provide on-the-spot decisions without affecting a borrower’s credit score.

4. Faster funding
LendingUSA understands that cash flow is essential for a business to be successful. Businesses can receive funding within days of the borrower signing the contract.

5. More approvals
LendingUSA can help borrowers with a wide range of credit scores. In addition, LendingUSA can provide financing options for higher ticket items and services. As a result, clients gain purchasing power, which can lead to higher returns for your business.

What types of payment plans does LendingUSA offer?

LendingUSA offers a variety of payment plans featuring fixed rates and affordable monthly payments. All of the payment plans have no prepayment penalties, thus providing clients the comfort to repay loans as quickly as needed. Specific terms or payment plans available may depend on the borrower, loan amount, and purpose of the loan. To help clients discover what payment plan they qualify for you, can encourage them to submit an application that will not impact their credit score or require any commitment.

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