LendingUSA Welcomes MyFertilityLoan

The LendingUSA network of lenders, merchants, and affiliates is constantly expanding and this week we are thrilled to announce the addition of MyFertilityLoan.com. MyFertilityLoan provides IVF loans and financing for fertility treatments so that people can cover the large cost of their procedures. We are happy to welcome MyFertilityLoan to the LendingUSA network because we love helping couples experience the joys of parenthood and this partnership will allow us to help more people than ever before.

By joining the LendingUSA network, MyFertilityLoan will now be able to offer their clients even more options with a higher rate of approval!

We have integrated our quick and simple application directly into the MyFertilityLoan website so that visitors can get approved instantly for multiple financing options from the privacy of their own home using their tablet, cell phone, laptop, or PC. Not only that, but MyFertilityLoan has partnered with a number of fertility clinics and with the LendingUSA merchant portal, those clinics are now able to offer their patients affordable payment plans right from their office.

With our unique technology-driven application portal, patients can qualify for a loan in a matter of minutes and because we submit all applications to our entire network of lending partners at the same time, that means they’ll have the highest chance for approval. Our platform can even qualify applicants for multiple financing options, giving patients the freedom to pick the payment plan that is right for them.

We know that there are many people who desire children but for certain medical reasons may have difficulty conceiving. With MyFertilityLoan and LendingUSA, paying for fertility treatments has never been easier. If you are in need of in-vitro-fertilization, egg freezing, or male infertility treatments, MyFertilityLoan can connect you to a financing option that will let you pay for the procedure you need.

Even with bad credit or no credit at all, MyFertilityLoan and LendingUSA may still be able to assist you. We have a network of lenders who regularly aid those with an imperfect credit history.

An IVF loan from MyFertilityLoan.com can give patients the ability to get the procedure they need while paying for it comfortably over time.

If you are a doctor or clinic that is interested in finding out how you can instantly qualify patients in your office for financing options, contact us today and we will be glad to show you a free demo so that you can see how easy it is to expand your client base and grow your practice.

Visit MyFertilityLoan.com to find out more!

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